5 Tips for Getting A First Meeting

Product to market fit or go to market strategy involves getting in front of prospective customers or partners. In an earlier post I talk about the three stages, scouting, testing and scaling.

So if you are in the scouting or testing stage, at some point you need to go outside the network of warm leads and introductions and engage people you have never met nor heard of your company. Generating a list of names and email addresses using a contractor (eLance and oDesk are great places to find people to do this cost effectively) is a good first step. Now you need to email these strangers so here are a few simply tips to keep in mind when crafting your email.

  1. The goal is to get a meeting, not make a sale. Get. The. Meeting.
  2. Assume no one reads past the first parapraph – use bullets and links they can pick out quickly and skip the rest.
  3. Be specific and focus on why versus what. Telling prospects what you did for a client is not as important as why you did it.  For example, “we helped Samsung meet their objective of having a great app in a limited time period that showcased their interactive TV platform.”
  4. Always propose a date for a call or meeting. It is easier for the reader to respond to a proposed date and time than having to propose dates and times.
  5. Think about the time and day you are sending emails to hard to reach prospects and how it may impact getting a response. Hard to reach executives check email over the weekend – you may even get a few exchanges between early Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon.

It’s not rocket science so don’t over think things and never start with the best prospects. Get some experience first, build your confidence and improve your introductory email and then go after the most valuable targets.

Learn more http://www.ericgrafstrom.com/


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